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One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

Discover unique brands

We source requirements from 500+ global seafood brands

Communicate with ease

One click to share your stock and offer price instantly

Guaranteed payments

We assure complete guarantee on payment upon fulfilment

All-in-one platform

All necessary tools to ship and track your orders

Discover Opportunities

Discover the requirements from hundreds of global seafood brands all in one place

Submit Offers

Send your stock and price information to matching requirements easily in one click.

Communicate Faster

Use our built-in chat functionality to chat and exchange documents easily.

Receive Orders

Get notified when your offer is approved and use our support to process the orders.

Ship and get paid

Submit all your documents, tracking info and get paid upon shipment.

Grow With Analytics

Measure your offer performance and delivery speed using a powerful analytics dashboard.

Our mission is to enable seafoods companies to
trade efficiently using technology

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Please click here to join our waitlist of sellers. We will contact you to verify you as a seller on our platform.

We are focussed on European market. Our pool contains over 400+ seafoods brands in Europe.

Yes. Once seller accepts your offer, you can then directly connect and chat with your buyer on the platform.

We charge $0.1 per KG of the total transactions completed through our platform. For. eg one tonne of shrimp traded on our platform will cost $100 in commissions.

We facilitate delivery in partnership with the sellers and their supported delivery partners. We are compatible with almost all cross-border delivery partners.

Yes. We have partnership with the best seafoods experts who have 30+ years of experience in product and container inspections. Inspection process is tightly integrated into the platform.

We support almost all the payment options which the buyers are comfortable with processing, including COD, LC or many more.

Seafood trade simplified.

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